Heat pump

Heat pumps energy-saving heating systems

Solar House offers its customers energy-efficient heating systems - heat pumps. A heat pump, consuming electrical energy, transfers heat from a cold environment to a warm environment, using the thermodynamic refrigeration cycle, as a result of which the cold environment gets colder and the hot environment gets hotter.
There are 3 types of heat pumps depending on the primary energy source:
1.    Air to air
2.    air to water
3.    ground to water.
The most commonly used heat pumps are air toair heat pumps (air conditioners).
Air to water heat pumps are distinguished by the flexibility of using the received heat energy and the ease of installation, whose primary energy source is the outside air, and the heat extracted from the outside air is transferred to the water or non-freezing liquid in the heat pump's circular heat exchanger through the refrigerant.

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